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Tópico: [DIY] POWERBOX TDI 90 e 110Cv

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    Tem os esquemas para fazer power boxes, para quem tiver conhecimentos de electronica. Não parece dificil, talves o pior será arranjar as fichas!!!


    Deixo uma tradução automatica para ingles, do texto PDF ( Leiam olhando as fotos e esquemas do PDF original):

    Disclaimer: If you yourself want powerbox build can you this document as a guide to use. I take however absolutely no responsibility for the impact arising from the use of this document. These powerbox are only applicable on engines with VP37 a dispenser pump of the mark bosch. And it has not been arranged therefore for PD engines.
    The applied technique.
    The applied technique is relatively simple by assembling a resistance between the wires 2 and 3 of the dispenser pump cable the se nt out indicator of the injected quantity becomes reduced. THE ECU gets a lower indicator given feedback the result being that there more diesel is injected.
    Benodigdheden connector material.
    Look firstly what kind of connector on the pump sit there you have 8 and 10 polige connectors. Connections of the pwbx to the connectors are for both right. Only for 8 Polige connectors
    VAG scribble no.
    000,979,129? 1.14 p 4x
    n 906,844,05 buses? 0.23 p 8x
    3A0 973,734 Connector 4.44 p 1x pump
    3A0 973,834 Connector 2.22 p 1x ECUS
    R1 18R R2 100K R3 560R R4 1K R5 10M R6 680R R7 1K R8 3,3K
    D1 1N4148 D2 1N4148 D3 1N4148 D4 LED
    C1 47uF C2 47uF
    U1 LM311N
    K1, 12v Relay P1 10 battle, Potenciometers 5K S1, switch, housing G080, standard PCB the diagram components elaboration prints layout

    Checks the ECU injects quantity of regulation on correct functioning this happened shortly after integrating the contact. If there agree zit therefore a resistance between assembled sent away and indicators no longer receive. And foutmelding will be generated as a result of which the LED in the dashboard will blink. For this zit to prevent in the schakeling integrate delay built in. Nevertheless it can nevertheless occur that foutmelding in the ECU are generated. Building care that you have all required spullen also have you a soldering iron and what sells by auction or Dremel necessary to be able assemble the connectors well in the housing. I later 2 components have used adhesive for the connectors firmly in the housing. Care the connectors well firm in the housing to that is appropriate. You can fix them with adhesive firstly at their place whereupon you them later with 2 components well permanently glue. I have used half of the doosje as a bedplate and there firstly everything fixed in assembled. This is later also much easier because then you can screw simply the lid there finished without everything fall from each other. On the next image is see how the wires to the connectors are assembled. The buses well to be able assemble have to you in fact special amp grip necessary. Those did not have we also, thus we everything have simply soldered. The black wires go to the resistance on the print red and blue wire feeds the inschakelvertraging.

    Here they the wires assembled to both connectors entirely. Link the because of this yellow wires 1op1 of connector to connector therefore 1aan1, 3aan3, 2aan2 etc.. Measure everything 3 time and persuade you there of all that well pursues. This is the complete powerbox. Without the lid. In the lid you can bore a small gaatje so that you can mend the pot meter with schroevendraaiertje. If you have found the correct institution. You can conclude the gaatje with a bit tape. As later the box to the expectations satisfies let run you can predominate him full with epoxyhars what is used to fill mow sleeves at ground cables. This ensures there that vocht no grip gets on the components. The pump connector are stuck in a type klem mechanism on the engine assembled. To the back of plastic part where the connector in fixed zit sits a lip. This lip can swindle you and afterwards can you the connector including plastic assembly part there from slide. The blade keeps well so that you can assemble later the connector simply at its place. Here to see you how the box on Passat 81Kw AFN has been assembled. I have because I that skilful also still a switch in the dashboard found assembled. For this you must, however, 2 wires to within appetites. Me seemed the best manner by means of the impermeable ECU box to, enter as all other wiring goes to within. But you E.G. also along the cable of the cap vergrendeling to within are possible. The wires by of ECU the house appetites not yet turn out better than expected. Eventually have we with an ordinary appetite feather the wires by the geribbelde rubber sock to within getrokken. Here is see how I have the schakelaartje concealed on keen. I, however, 2 small gaatjes in the bucket have had bore of the cutout cupboard side to be able carry out the wires. Most skilful is a long drill of 4 mm use. Of course the cross-section on the wire cross-section dependent is which you use. Afstelling the afstelling of whole are of course extremely important the total resistance are instelbaar between 1.5 k? and 680?. Care that the engine warm is at cold engine is possible at lower resistance values between approximately 840? and 680? extreme smoke development arises.

    Judiciously is therefore to start with a higher value and then slowly twist the resistance up to approximately 1k? check if there stationary no fumes comes from the exhaust and give a couple time gas it can prevent that the engine will twist irregularly stationary also this is a sign that the resistance has been established too low. Make hereafter a test ride to assess the impact and to check if you have no charge of bumps during switching over is this however the case then sits you in fact too low and must you the resistance raise also can it prevent that the gloeispiraal return blink and there fault code in the ECU stand also then sit you too low and zul you the resistance must raise value. At my AFN I have even with 680? a test ride made and everything continued function rather normally on the extreme capacity after then. Even this way extreem that my link in third acceleration simply spontaneously started skid. These powerbox work still improve icm removing the fumagine cat and sealing the EGR flap because by these adaptations more zuurstofrijke cold air in the cylinders comes can inject easier more diesel you and remains fumagine development also more within the perken. Adaptation here is still a small adaptation on the existing diagram could you charge has of extreme bumps during changing gear or a strongly raised stationary toerental then you are able try change gear 2 diodes anti parallel for the resistance this prevent that there at a low tension already a flow runs by the resistance turn however as much as the pot meter P1 entirely to the highest resistance 833? because the resistance of 680? now no longer in serial stands. Because the resistances in combination with the diodes an in sum higher replacement resistance forms must establish you after assembly of the powerbox the pot meter lower than without the diodes. Take into account that at lower capacities question the resistance less impact you therefore also less easily are able fixed put or the car expels fumes. Work goes extremely carefully. And measure what establishes you you gets then much improves picture of where you are busy. Many too high inspuithoeveelheid can do the pistons melt.

    An idea to give how the resistance including the diodes been in the proportion of I have joined myself the next graph. Pay attention, however, that I had exact data still no at the moment of making the graph of the exact tension levels which come from the pump. X Ash the really established resistance concerning the pot meter P1 and the resistance R7 have been measured. Y ash is the replacement resistance of the whole incl. the 2 anti-parallel diodes. The values of the replacement resistance have been stipulated by 3V, 6V and 12V to the schakeling to offer to the hand of the measured flow the resistance has been calculated. Clear becomes that at a higher tension replace resistance lower is. This moves therefore the impact of the powerbox up = accelerator further kicked in. That is also the reason that it is tempting always lower values establish so that the capacity increase becomes rather noticeable. The tension proves be therefore low under the 3 volts assumes therefore at use of the 2 diodes an institution van180 up to 140?. Work goes extremely carefully once again. Left here stand still what left where much information to find is concerning 10 pennies of tuning.
    stefan's page TDIClub forums: Chapagne performance on a bear budget turbodiesel Community - 10Cent Tuning further want I want still thank for hospitality and for complete fast make of print and Eric for its smooth responses and for rapidly online putting the data. Lords thank once again for collaboration. ©Dieselslurper® from time to time to find @
    A3 TDI 110cv-->200cv
    Alfa Guilietta 1.6 JTDM2 Vitaminado

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    Isto nao é pa um qualquer......
    Que grande testamento.......

    Boa sorte...... Dedicação.......


    6k2 90cv@3750rpm

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    É verdade que percisa de ter conhecimentos de electronica mas não é complicado.

    Para quem não os tiver, pode sempre colocar uma EVRYMOD nestes motores.
    Brevemente explico como...
    A3 TDI 110cv-->200cv
    Alfa Guilietta 1.6 JTDM2 Vitaminado

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