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Tópico: Preso depois de perseguido a quase 300km/h

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    Padrão Preso depois de perseguido a quase 300km/h

    ‘Britain’s fastest getaway driver’ was jailed today for nine years after being clocked at 190 mph in a modified Audi RS 5 Coupe.

    Ben Westwood, a 33-year-old car dealer, almost outpaced a helicopter while trying to evade capture during a 65-mile police chase on the M6 motorway in January after trying to cut open a cash machine in Wolverhampton.

    It is believed that Westwood and his gang are responsible for more than a dozen raids, netting them around £50,000 in money and jewellery. He was found guilty of dangerous driving and conspiracy to burgle and steal.

    According to police, the car, a stolen Audi RS 5 Coupe, had been fitted with a Lamborghini engine (we’re guessing a Gallardo V10) and uprated brakes, allowing it to touch 200 mph.

    “The helicopter took up the chase as they doubled back at junction 13 and attempted to exit at junction 12. A police stinger didn’t deter them as they did a U-turn on the exit slip road and went back on to the M6 the wrong way, doing a handbrake turn to set them southbound again to leave at Hilton Park services,” said a police spokesman.

    FummI, HarakiriGTR, Mafia e 1 outros gostam disto.

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    De tal forma vigiados que até dava para fazer um filme...

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