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Tópico: Diesel tuning chips - do they work as promised?

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    Padrão Diesel tuning chips - do they work as promised?


    I have a Nissan Almera Tino 136 bhp 2.2 dci engined car, and was wondering about the tuning chips you see advertised for diesel cars, promising increased bhp, torque AND economy.
    Supposedly my car would become 170bhp, 25% increased torque and better mpg. For £300 it would pay for itself over time if the economy claim is true, and not a fantasy land fib like some adverts are....
    Have any of you on here used similar chips, what were your findings and was it worth it?
    Did any damage/side effects occur to your car or is it really a plug in and that's it type device?

    Please help.

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    Aren't you able to do a proper remap for 300£ in the UK?
    I don't really trust tunning chips.

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