APR presented recently the Carbonio Carbon Fiber Intake System for the MK6 Jetta 2.0L 8v engine. The Carbonio Intake System is a ram air design that completely separates the intake filter from the engine bay and results in a peak gain of 7 Horsepower! Building from years of experience on and off the race track, Carbonio's and APR's engineering teams have spent countless hours developing a true cold air and ram air carbon fiber design that can be recreated affordably for the street performance enthusiast.
Carbonio and APR have gone even further to maintain all oem specifications necessary to integrate cohesively with an otherwise stock engine to avoid raising eyebrows at the dealership. Flexibility was another characteristic of Carbonio's and APR's design whereas the new intake is also complementary to other performance modifications.
Constructed of aerospace grade carbon fiber and designed to remove intake restriction, APR’s Carbonio intake system provides smoother transitional airflow, increased air velocity, superior insulation of the incoming air to reduce intake air temperatures and a larger volume of available air to aid throttle response.
he OEM intake system vents some of the incoming air into the engine bay and takes several twists and turns before the air ever reaches the throttle body. The Carbono intake system simplifies the intake system by directing all incoming air directly at the filter.
Benefits of the Carbonio CAI System include improved throttle response, enhanced sound of engine and improved fuel economy. It is also fully compatible and complimentary with ECU upgrades.
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